Fes is a northeastern Moroccan city often referred to as the country's cultural capital. It's primarily known for its Fes El Bali walled medina, with medieval Marinid architecture, vibrant souks and old-world atmosphere. The medina is home to religious schools such as the 14th-century Bou Inania and Al Attarine, both decorated with elaborate cedar carvings and ornate tile work.

Medina of Fez (Fes el Bali)

UNESCO world heritage

Bab Boujloud

gateway to medina

Jnan Sbil Garden

beautiful garden

Medersa Bou Inania

14th century

Nejjarine Museum

arts and crafts

Chouara Tannery

leather tannery

Kairaouine Mosque and Madrasa

oldest madrasa

Marinid Tombs

giant tombs

Fez Mellah

jewish quarter

Dar Batha

traditional art

Glaoui Palace

old palace

Fes el-Jdid

new fes

Synagogue Ibn Danan

17th century

Borj Nord

fortress, museum

Zaouia Moulay Idriss

shrine, tomb

Cherratin Medersa

old school

Henna Market

colorful markets

Mokri Palace

beautiful palace

Place Seffarine

metal market

Sahrij Medersa

14th century

Riad Belghazi Museum

18th century